Tyvek + Felt Chair Socks

16 Jul 2016

Finished walnut box

Tyvek + Felt Chair Socks

We have floors that our landlady values very highly. I have never found a commercial chair-leg solution to work for very long, so I decided to try to make a set that would last longer. I have tried all kinds of chair-guards, from the adhesive felt pads (adhesive fails very quickly, and once one fails, it causes teh naked leg to do more damage than usual) to the tack-in Miracle Plastic nubs (which inevitably scratch the floors just as much as the bare legs), and none worked.

Because the failure with the adhesive pads didn’t have to do with the felt, I figured if I used an alternative fastening method I’d be able to use felt as my main chair-to-floor interface material.

I cut out slender crosses from a roll of Tyvek I bought a long time ago. I love using Tyvek becuase it’s easy to work with, it lasts forever, and it feels cool. In the center of each cross I sewed a square I cut out of industrial felt.

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The socks work great! I eventually added laces to hold them up. If I make another three sets for the other chairs, I’m going to go all-out and add eyelets, etc for the laces and maybe give the furniture a weird leggy feel.


Published on 16 Jul 2016