10 Aug 2010


Lots of times the only direction you’ll get is in the form of a buffet. I found the craft services table and asked what they had, it was spicy sausage couscous. And a dry white.

It was a code all right, a code or a riddle. They do the same thing when they fly fighter jets. They never say, oh do you see that guy in the other jet go get him. They say hey, look at this. These mirrors here.

It’s an iteration, a dumb dance: I make a move and check my loop. I chew a bite and wash it down. The big fancy guy got angry that I knew the game. He knew a Riesling wasn’t going to cut it.

They get those swoop lines in the image but they never catch the sound. It shimmers, bounces around the room, around the palate of the scene. We’re always in the middle, the middle of these loops.

Published on 10 Aug 2010