Life updates - still here

07 Mar 2016

Life update

I have a new job now, consulting on a very exciting project with some friends from grad school. I will update here as much as I can, but for now the nature of the work is under NDA. I am very excited to be working with some people I really admire, and on a project with a lot to learn and make.

WEFT progress

The WEFT project is still chugging along. The next large thing that has to happen is an OSHpark order arriving - the board is a boost converter example circuit that I hope to be able to tune to work well with WEFT.

The next actual WEFT thing to make is a small board without BLE functionality, but with OLED and an encoder. Basically, a lost-cost version of the board you see in the photos. The biggest difference will be the lack of a copper-clad pad on the board itself; instead, there will be a JST connection to a signal pad that the user makes…part of the aim of this board is to get the signal-generation and power-management all on one board that allows developers/UX people/etc to treat it as a solution module; that is, a plug-and-play board that makes it as simple as possible to add electrovibration to your project.

In other news

The hydroponic basil garden remains productive; after a 4-week grow cycle I harvested 225g of basil (not including stems and bad leaves). Here’s a photo:

…I also took a 6-week class at Bien Hecho Woodworking and made this table - my first piece of “finished” furniture, in both the is-it-complete and the adding-polyurethane-finish senses of the word. Here are a couple photos of the table, which is made of red oak (tabletop) and ash (legs).

Published on 07 Mar 2016